Dendy Cinemas: Canberra Centre

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    • Emma Rowcliffe 4 years ago

      Dendy Cinemas

      Overall Accessibility
      • Dendy cinema is located in Canberra Centre and is compliant with the building standards. Canberra Centre is also accessible, and help can be received from the helpdesk.
      • There are 2 lifts giving easy access to the cinema and multiple carparks with disabled parking on the different levels of Canberra Centre.
      • Front area of the cinema was spacious and well light. However, the front counters are high (1200 mm) and may be hard to reach from a wheelchair.
      • Bookings can be made online or at the front counters.
      • There is a ramp, with width of 1400 mm, leading to the viewing room
      • Viewing rooms are spacious and have designated space for people with wheelchairs.
      • Assistance from staff is available and people can choose the seats when booking with tickets.

      • Dendy cinemas has a specific lighting setup, which is expected from the nature of the business.
      • Areas are generally well-lit and felt safe and easy to move.
      • The corridors leading to the viewing room are darker but there are lights on the wall to help guide people.

      Toileting Facilities
      • Disabled toilet is conveniently located on the way to the viewing rooms.
      • The door to the toilet is light
      • The area is spacious enough for 18” wheelchair to maneuver (2600 mm x 2150 mm). Rails next to the toilet seat are 800 mm height.
      • The toilet has back support and flush buttons which are 800 mm from the toilet.
      • Sink is located inside the toilet and is 80 mm high.
      • The soap dispenser is mounted at 870 mm from the ground.
      • Baby change table and multiple waste disposal bins are also available.

      • Dendy cinemas is located on level 1 in Canberra Centre.
      • There are plenty of carparks on many different levels of the building with disabled carparks available.
      • The closest car park to Dendy cinemas is on the same level, is 20 m away, and contains 2 designated disabled car parks (2450 mm x 5000 mm).
      • There are multiple entry points to Canberra Centre, which also contains a bus stop on premise.

      Assistance animals are welcome and are the responsibility of the owner.

      Staff were friendly and happily assist customers as expected and required of them. Staff normally performs ticket checks and guides customers to their seats. They are all well trained in evacuation proceedings with no specific training in accessibility.

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