Consulting for Event Organisers

GetAboutAble knows what it takes to make great accessible & inclusive events and will help you achieve that!

Not sure what’s the best fit for your event?
Simply send us a message and we’ll book a meeting to assess how we can best help you! 

GetAboutAble hosts accessible and inclusive events and can build your skills to do the same enabling you to deliver more welcoming events that everyone can participate in and enjoy. 

Event Reviews and Recommendations Report

This is for YOU if you're wondering:
What processes should I implement to help make my event accessible and inclusive?
What features help event attendees engage in an inclusive fashion?

GetAboutAble can review the existing processes and features you’ve implemented for your event. We then provide you with:

  1. An audit of your event 
  2. A recommendations report

Digital Content Review and Creation

This is for YOU if you're wondering:
How do I share accessibility information on my event's website? How do I make my website accessible?

GetAboutAble can help you:

  1. Review the accessible & inclusive information that you can share on your website
  2. Create or Upgrade your Accessibility Information website page
  3. Train your staff on best practices to create accessible digital content

Facilitated Staff Training Sessions

This is for YOU if you're wondering:
How can I help my team deliver an inclusive event?

We can organise training with your staff, either online or in-person. GetAboutAble can share its expertise on a range of topics and tailor a training program to your specific needs. 

For example, we regularly deliver sessions on: 

  1. Introduction to Accessibility and Inclusion at Events
  2. How to provide Good Accessibility Information to attendees
  3. Inclusive Welcome and Customer Service
  4. Employing People with Disability
  5. Co-designing with People with Disability
  6. End-to-End Accessibility around your Event
You can also join us for Australia’s primary event for the accessible tourism sector: the Accessible & Inclusive Tourism Conference (AITCAP).

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Why work with us?

GetAboutAble offers more than your traditional consulting service. We are event organisers ourselves so we know the ropes and how to make sure access and inclusion contribute to your events success. We provide personalised support that focuses on delivering tangible outcomes for our clients, not just imparting knowledge. We’re committed to instilling confidence in our clients to take that crucial first step towards their accessibility goals. What truly sets us apart is that we are one of the few agencies that approach consulting from the perspective of the full range of disabilities, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility in everything we do.

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