Case Study
Development of a Disability Action and Inclusion Plan (DAIP)

Client: Toora Women Inc

Toora Women Inc provides homelessness, addiction, domestic violence and counselling services to women in the ACT. 

With a commitment to improving the accessibility and inclusion of their services, Toora sought a structured approach to address these critical needs through the development of a Disability Action and Inclusion Plan (DAIP). A DAIP is a strategic blueprint for making your organisation more inclusive of people with disability.

Sunset view from the Arboretum in Canberra ACT with seated on a bench a woman with a hearing aid and a leg amputee and near them standing a blind woman with an assistance dog chatting with a friend
"We recognised the need to create a Disability Action & Inclusion Plan (DAIP) to guide our efforts to make Toora's services more accessible and inclusive, and we didn't know where to start. GetAboutAble led us through an in-depth review process that was tailored to our organisation and involved all of our key stakeholder groups.
The end result is the development of a DAIP that addresses all our priority areas for action. We look forward to the new opportunities this DAIP will bring to our organisation and are glad we chose to work with GetAboutAble's team."
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Kiki Korpinen - Deputy CEO Toora

GetAboutAble's tailored approach to developing a Disability Action and Inclusion Plan

Toora’s operations are complex and the organisation looked to GetAboutAble to lead the Disability Action and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) development process, including: 

  • Conduct an in-depth consultation, where Toora Women Inc. provided insights into their organisation, services, staff, and clients. 
  • Synthesise and analyse all of the stakeholders’ feedback to identify key themes and issues identified through the review. This work also provided the Evidence section of the DAIP.
  • Map out a set of DAIP objectives and related actions to address those key issues, in consultation with Toora’s management. 

A DAIP is a living document that the whole team would have to carry out. So, in March 2024, GetAboutAble facilitated an all-staff meeting to provide Toora’s team with an opportunity to consider the proposed objectives and action items in the DAIP. This session successfully allowed staff to raise questions, clarify and add new ideas.

Successful Case Study: A bespoke DAIP for Toora Women Inc

Toora is now in the final stages of establishing their first comprehensive and credible DAIP to guide their actions and engage grant funders, partners and supporters. Working with GetAboutAble has demystified the DAIP development process and set the organisation up to manage the process in future.

Moreover, the collaborative nature of the review process fostered a sense of unity among Toora’s staff, sparking discussions and initiatives aimed at improving accessibility and inclusivity across their operations and services. An all-staff focus group revealed that Toora staff were already extraordinarily committed to providing services to women with disability despite current accessibility challenges and started off collaborative problem-solving conversations across teams.

Working with GetAboutAble has not only provided Toora Women Inc with a roadmap for enhancing accessibility and inclusion but has also empowered them to take ownership of this process moving forward. With a renewed commitment and clarity of purpose, they are poised to build a more inclusive environment for the women they serve.

GetAboutAble guided Toora Women Inc Start Where They Are and now the journey continues!

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