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Pronounced “Get-About-Able”, we are a social enterprise focused on improving travel and leisure opportunities for people with disabilities, both as consumers and employees. All profits are re-invested to empower people with disabilities to participate in travel and leisure activities, and to help the travel and leisure sector be more inclusive for people with disabilities.

Getaboutable.com offers a unique platform to promote inclusive tourism & travel businesses around the globe while encouraging and supporting them to tap into the ‘Disabled Dollar’. It is a powerful and useful tool to connect the inclusive travel and leisure sector with increasing demand from people with disabilities who don’t know what is accessible in any given location, not to mention how to organise it.

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We empower the 20% of the population with mobility, vision, hearing and other assistance needs, their families, friends and supporters to find and share information about accessible travel and leisure activities around the world.​

About GetAboutAble accessible and inclusive tourism

Our Founder

Yasmine has a lifetime of experience as an avid traveller for both business and leisure, including over 20 years of travel with a disability. She also has extensive networks in the disabled community, including with disability advocacy organisations. 

In her younger years, Yasmine had very successful careers in academia (first coming to Australia on a CSIRO Fellowship in 1991, then securing Australian Research Council grant funding while at the Australian National University), and the public service (retiring as a Senior Advisor in 2011), demonstrating her drive and ability to succeed in all sorts of environments.

I’ve been traveling for over 50 years, since 6 months old and haven’t stopped since … except a pause due to Covid19 travel restrictions. Like many people with disabilities I was frustrated by the lack of accessibility information. I spent hours researching locations and wanted to share this knowledge with others. The idea of a centralised platform focusing on helping each other by sharing mobility-specific travel information, was long overdue. Now visitors to the website can also arm others with useful advice and help make accessible and inclusive travel mainstream. 

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Our Team

We are a diverse, passionate team, working together in a collaborative and benevolent environment.
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