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    • Emma Rowcliffe 5 years ago

      Questacon – National Science and Technology Centre

      Questacon is located on the southern shore of Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra. It is an interactive science centre. It has many exhibitions.

      Accessibility information
      Overall accessibility:
      • There are 18 disabled carparking located 300 m from the main entrance of the facility.
      • Questacon main entrance can be accessed via a long ramp with platforms. In addition, modified bathrooms available with (rails, back support, electronic doors and Emergency button).
      • Experienced, friendly and helpful staff. They are happy to assist visitors to access to all place facilities. Such as, using wheelchair lift available at theatre (electronic – Vimel 364) to access to the theatre.
      • Ramps, rails, electronic doors and elevators are available. As well as, removable EFTPOS machines.
      • Sufficient lighting throughout the facility and visitors can use Culture Loop Shuttle Bus to visit the place (stop 300m away).
      Accessibility aware staff:
      • Staff is very experienced, helpful, and friendly. They are happy to help and cater for the needs of people with disability. Wheelchairs and other
      • Deferent ways to make booking available (Online, Phone, Email and at place).
      Assistance animals: Are welcome within the facility.
      Accessible bathroom facilities:
      • All disables toilets are wide enough for wheelchair to manoeuvre (2600 mm X 2200mm).
      • All modified by rails beside toilet seat (880mm height) and safety button for assistance. Also has back support and flash buttons which are 800mm from the toilet.
      • Sink is located inside the toilet and 850mm height. It has sensor tap and the soap mount is 1000mm height.
      • Modified toilets are in ground floor near to café with outward opening door and in second floor with electronic sliding doors.
      • Outward door handle is 880mm height from the ground and the door required moderate resistance to open. Moreover, Toilets with automatic door has same features and their opening butters are 880mm height from ground.
      • All toilets have touch free dispenser automatically dispenses and are 1000mm from the ground. The mirrors are 1000mm form the ground and is fixed to the wall. in addition, there are hand dryer and paper towel. Both are on the walk beside the sink (1000mm height).
      Adult change facilities: Not available.
      Vision accessibility:
      • Skylight in lobby supported with overhead lighting in café makes Sufficient lighting in place. However, some sections of Questacon required dim lights for display purposes.
      • In addition, darker lights with spotlights and contrasting colours to emphasize important information.
      • Written information around exhibition is available and upon request staff provide description. In addition, braille signs are available in bathrooms only.
      • emergency exit lights are available at the place.
      Hearing accessibility:
      Hearing loop is available at Japan Theatre.
      Social Activity:
      • Different age group are welcome and able to use Questacon facilities.
      • Different membership offers and features.
      • Information available in various types.
      • Changing opening hours for special visitors (like visitors with autism).

    • Facebook Community 5 years ago

      … the lift is very small and if it breaks down some of the cinemas are inaccessible to those who can’t use stairs.

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