National Capital Exhibition

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    • Lisa Elliott 4 years ago

      If you’re wondering why the Aussies plonked their Federal Capital in the middle of nowhere and, as the saying goes, ruined a perfectly good sheep paddock, this exhibition will solve the mystery. A great introductory film and the model of central Canberra is excellent. Is really interesting to see the winning designs for the international competition. It looks very much like some architects/designers had no idea how to “make good use of the landscape”. Don’t forget to check out the display and film where the government attempts to dispel the myth about Canberra being “boring” to coax people to live and work here. I particularly love the recruitment pamphlet for fashionable young girls with typing, secretarial and stenographer skills. And I now understand why this site was chosen and I am very glad that Walter and Marion Griffin, the Canberra designers, stuck to their guns, because the view of the National Triangle from Mount Ainslie is just spectacular. Different to what they envisaged sure, as you will learn here, but still a beautiful site to behold; “a city not like any other city in the world”, as Walter wrote. And as a recoveree of a “spectacularly” fractured ankle, the site and exhibition were really easy to navigate and get around. P.S. Canberra is not boring now.

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