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Disability Action & Inclusion Plan (DAIP)

An ACT Government funded initiative

Sunset view from the Arboretum in Canberra ACT with seated on a bench a woman with a hearing aid and a leg amputee and near them standing a blind woman with an assistance dog chatting with a friend

A strategic blueprint for making your organisation more inclusive of people with disability

GetAboutAble has created a suite of free resources to support small and medium businesses to develop an effective Disability Action & Inclusion Plan (DAIP).

  • We recommend that you start by reading the Develop Your Disability Action & Inclusion Plan (DAIP) guide. The guide explains the process from start to finish and how the other resources in this suite fit into the process.
  • The Review Matrix provides you with a simple framework for gathering information about the accessibility and inclusivity of your organisation, which is an important precursor to identifying impactful DAIP objectives.
  • The Completed Review Matrix – Example will give you some hints about the kinds of information you could be looking out for.
  • The Consulting With People With Lived Experience of Disability tip sheet has useful information about how to conduct effective and respectful consultation processes to develop your DAIP.
  • The Disability Action & Inclusion Plan (DAIP) Template provides you with a format for setting out DAIP objectives in a coherent blueprint for action and positive change. Feel free to adapt the format to suit your organisation. 
  • The Completed DAIP Template – Example shows how the findings in the Completed Review Matrix can be translated into plan objectives with specific actions and KPIs attached. 

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