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    • Emma Rowcliffe 4 years ago

      Canberra Museum and Gallery

      Overall Accessibility
      Due to the location of this facility (Central Canberra) the accessibility to the location itself is direct. The building structure itself is accessible to people with disabilities, however the assistive devices used. Maybe dated or in need of revision. Within the foyer and café area, removable furniture is used to ensure the space can be manipulated to suit mobility needs and modification. Payment services and reception areas are of a low height (approx. 90cm) and removable EFTPOS machines are used throughout the facility to ensure the services offered are accessible to people with modified needs. The space is well lit during daylight hours as the natural light is taken advantage of through the many windows throughout the building. Outside of daylight hours, overhead LED lighting is used to support and emphasizes sites of service. The consistency of wooden flooring throughout the facility supported mobility and enabled a level plane. The building is double storied with lift access and a wheelchair available upon request (although this item needs servicing or replacement). Bookings can be made online or by calling reception.
      • Assistive devices applicable however may need revision
      • Removable furniture
      • Low payment facilities
      • Removable eftpos
      • LED and natural lighting
      • Wooden flooring of level plane
      • Double storied with lift access
      • Online and phone bookings
      Although lighting was optimal during the time of contact, it can be assumed that this may pose difficulty for the visually impaired on darker days or outside of daylight hours. The overhead supportive lighting was dim; however, this did give emphasis to the. Displays throughout the numerous galleries. Fonts used throughout the gallery ranged in size and colour; front of house staff that there was an endeavour to improve the sizes of fonts. There is braille outside of the toileting facilities and in the lift, however emergency exits, and other means of communication were staff reliant rather than communicated through this medium.
      • Overhead lighting to emphasise sites of service
      • Spotlighing used in galleries
      • Darker lit galleries to support spotlight
      • Staff reliant emergency protocol
      • Braille in lift and toilet
      Majority of displayed throughout the galleries had set/s of headphones which explained the artworks and/or gave background to the artist. This was supported by pamphlets that were positioned where relevant. Online access to future exhibitions also allows for further information to be granted to guests. Front of House staff also shared that sign language and interpretive services would be available upon request from an exterior service. Hearing loops were seen in the theatre however it was disclosed that they need maintenance.
      • Headsets next to displays
      • hearing loop supported by the use of a portable hearing loop– permanent loop endeavour
      • Language interpretation available upon request from exterior source (sign language inclusive)

      Toileting Facilities
      Located on the ground level, the disabled bathroom facilities comply with Australian standards. There is no obstructing doorways or obstacles between the common area and the bathroom, however they are situated down a corridor which comfortably fits a standardised wheelchair. There is moderate resistance on the door and there is no braille seen. This bathroom is also used as a changing room with a baby change table and multiple waste disposal bins. There was also adequate circulation space (measured with an 18inch wheelchair).
      • Located on ground level
      • No obstructing obstacles
      • Accessible
      • Multipurpose – Childrens changing table
      • Multiple waste disposal bins
      • Adequate circulation space (measured with 18” wheelchair)
      Positioned on London Circuit the facility has access to numerous carparks. The observed carpark was positioned 80m from the front entrance and had 18 designated disabled parking spots. As the facility is in a central area, means of public transport are widely accessible. Busses run regularly with a bus stop situated approximately 100m from the front entrance. The tram service is also available. Staff are also equipped to assist in taxi servicing.
      • Multiple designated parking spots approx 1000m from front
      • Assistive/Assistance animals are welcome and are the responsibility of the owner.
      Staff were friendly and had knowledge on the accessibility gaps throughout facility. They are all well trained in evacuation proceedings however there is no specific training in accessibility.

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