Accessible & Inclusive Tourism Conference in the Asia-Pacific

What is AITCAP?

The Accessible & Inclusive Tourism Conference in the Asia-Pacific is…

…a yearly event that provides all tourism stakeholders (travellers, businesses, policy makers, DMOs) with an opportunity to…

LEARN how to cater to the valuable accessible & inclusive market to promote sustainable growth…

…and CONNECT with each other to create momentum and contribute to the upgrowth of the sector.

"A must attend for all those who want to take advantage of the incredible opportunity accessible and inclusive tourism represents."
Leigh Sorensen, General Manager Tourism Australia
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"AITCAP set the standard for all accessible & inclusive tourism conferences. Thank you!"
Ivor Ambrose, Managing Director ENAT
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“Informative, Professional and Engaging! Awesome!”
Christopher Kerrisk, Cergé
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"So great to connect with people from across Asia and the Pacific!"
Petero Manufolau, CEO at Tourism Authority of Kiribati
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AITCAP 2023 - Change Starts Now

AITCAP 2023 is now concluded. It was an amazing opportunity to LEARN from our expert speakers and CONNECT with our 200+ attendees.

If you’ve missed it you can still buy the recordings online!

More to do...

Join the Conversation

In the lead up to our big yearly conferences, we run a series of free webinars where we connect with each other and tackle issues that are often brought up in the tourism industry when “accessibility” and “inclusivity” are mentioned.

Here is the recording of the first one we organised.

Access our previous years content

We record all the content produced as part of The Accessible & Inclusive Tourism Conference in the Asia-Pacific. You can still purchase access for those recordings!

You can also read the Highlights for each day

They talk about us...

Words from AITCAP attendees:

“Thank you for organising AITCAP and allowing me to be one of your speakers. I have received so much value just from the networks of the other speakers to learn and listen to their experiences. And the conference has not even started…” Chris K.

“Market differentiator is a key, and I don’t think businesses really understand that being accessible & inclusive at this point is a huge differentiator.” Julia S.

“2.5 sessions into the conference and I already have pages of notes and links. Well done AITCAP team!” Ben A.

“Promote Access. Deliver Inclusion.” Chris K.

“I have a disability – I have money and I love travel, so this is great. I am proud to be called a person with a disability. I don’t have challenges, unless society puts them in my way.” Tricia M.

“All of the speakers are very inspiring for other businesses and services elsewhere.” Antony L.

“So many things ive never thought about – fantastic!” Maxine

“Fantastic afternoon!” Sandee F.

“Informative, Professional and Engaging! Awesome!” Christopher

“Thank you for the great sessions today everyone!! So informative and so many valuable learnings” Emily E.

“Thank you I have learnt alot today” Jennifer M.

“Thank you to everyone involved in putting this great content together!” Daisy

“Thanks everyone. So great to connect with people from across Asia and the Pacific” Adrienne

“True, false promises disappoint but a willingness to make an effort (that is a part of a right attitude) to do the best to meet the requirement makes a lot of difference.” Ravinder A.

“It’s the awareness you have just given me. As an able person within the tourism sector, you presentation has brought so many un-thought of areas to my attention from accommodation to attractions, to my own tours!“

“I 100% agree and always follow the mantra of the most important thing to pack when you travel is your positive attitude!”

“Compliant (in whatever context that means in your country) should be tick a box. It is a minimum standard. And will be accessible to most. Inclusive however is beyond compliance. True accessibility is a misnomer as its an individual judgement.”

“Wonderful! I have happy tears, brilliant video.”

“I’m glad to know about your company. It’s content that I can share in my country as a good example in hiring disabled people.”

“Another eye-opening session for the tourism industry.”