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NSW TrainLinkSydney, NSW, Australia

NSW TrainLink

Central Station
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Phone: 13 22 32
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NSW TrainLink provides a vital connection for people in regional New South Wales, particularly those with a disability.

If you are travelling in a wheelchair or scooter, with medical equipment or with an assistance animal then you will need to book your trip by calling 13 22 32 or visiting a NSW TrainLink Travel Centre rather than booking online. It’s important to let us know in advance if you may require special assistance. The best time to do this is when you book. This way you can speak with one of our reservations staff who will record your details and requirements and pass them on to our onboard staff.

If you have a A80 design wheelchair, collapsible wheelchair, motorised wheelchair or motorised scooter you can travel on a NSW TrainLink service provided that the following specifications are met:
-You will need to be able to manoeuvre into a space of 700mm (width) × 1,300 millimetres (length) on trains or 800mm × 1,300mm on coaches. Please note that we are unable to carry mobility aids wider than 700mm on any of our trains.
-You will need to be able to turn 180 degrees within a space of 2,070mm × 1,540mm.

Each train carries a special ramp to help customers wheelchairs get on and off trains. Each train also has one carriage with a toilet suitable for wheelchair access. You can arrange to be seated in this carriage when you make your reservation.

Passengers with disabilities can also ask our onboard staff to deliver meals or snacks from the buffet car to their seats.

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