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Nagoya, Japan

Nagoya, Japan

Phone: + 44 117 370 9751 (UK office), +1 303 952 0379 (US office), or +61 7 3703 3838 (Australian office)
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From the website:

At InsideJapan Tours our aim has always been to make Japan accessible to all, finding ways to enable everyone to discover the country we are passionate about. This extends to travellers with disabilities or mobility issues – let us know your requirements and we’ll do all the research and planning to make your Japan travel dreams a reality.

The itinerary outlined here is based on a trip we recently planned for a client in an electric wheelchair and her family. We hope this will give you an idea of the kind of trip we can provide and the service level we offer.

Fully tailored travel

Of course we’re all different, and there are infinite ways we can tailor a holiday to suit your needs and wishes. Perhaps you don’t need transfers in a specially-adapted wheelchair accessible vehicle. Or maybe you require more assistance than outlined here; bathroom hoists for example. Maybe you’d prefer to be accompanied by a guide at every step of your journey.

You might be on a tighter budget, in which case we can select simpler hotels for you; or perhaps you’d like to splash out on five-star accommodation for the holiday of a lifetime. Maybe there are different parts of Japan you’d like to experience! We love research, so just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do the rest.

Our Info-Pack and Customer Support

We’ll provide a detailed personalised Info-Pack outlining every moment of your itinerary. The family who took the itinerary outlined here followed our Info-Pack instructions making journeys between cities by themselves. We researched every section of their route from airport to hotel to station explaining where to avoid steps and find elevators. We even wrote part of the instructions in Japanese so they could show station staff where they needed to go.

On an InsideJapan Tours trip, you’ll also have the back-up of our Customer Support team based in our office in Nagoya. If you have any difficulties, you can call them at any time for advice, on-the-spot-translations or emergency support.

Our partners

Much of what we’ve learned about accessible travel is thanks to our friends and partners on the ground in Japan. In particular, we owe a huge arigato (thank you) to long-term Tokyo resident Josh Grisdale whose excellent website Accessible Japan provides a wealth of inspiring and useful information.

So go on, travel with us to Japan. Disabled access on public transport is slick and efficient, hotels are well-equipped to assist and so many of the top sights have excellent accessibility.

We have sales teams working in our offices in Bristol (UK), Boulder (USA) and Brisbane (Australia), plus our own in situ operations team in Nagoya (Japan).

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